Pioneering a New Era of Secure Communication.

Coherent Integration for Scalable Quantum Secure Communication

Our Solutions

CUbIQ Technologies is pioneering a new era of secure communications through our innovative quantum technology platform. Our low-power electronic-photonic integrated quantum optical transceiver leverages advanced signal processing to achieve breakthrough reductions in power consumption and cost compared to current Quantum Key Distribution systems.

Our Specialities

Quantum communication, Quantum random number generator, Quantum security engine, Quantum Key Distribution, Key Management systems and Digital Signal Processing.

Our Team

Aaron Albores Mejia

Co-founder and CEO

Chigo Okonkwo

Co-founder and CTO

Bram de Vries

CFO and Business developer

Our technology

The quantum computing revolution threatens to disrupt decades of established encryption standards overnight. While concrete timelines remain uncertain, proactive organizations recognize they must act now to integrate quantum-secured communications before their data is critically exposed.

Secure encryption enables companies and institutions to fulfill their  requirements in today’s digital landscape – safeguarding sensitive information like customer details, intellectual property, and operational secrets. It allows compliance to data protection laws and regulatory requirements. Our breakthrough Quantum Secure Transceiver seamlessly integrates quantum security into existing optical infrastructure – reducing the operational expenditure of Internet infrastructure. 

With CUbIQ, security-conscious organizations worldwide can protect their most valuable data assets now and into the quantum future. Our turnkey quantum security solutions enable you to encrypt your data today.

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